it’s crazy how one person can fix, and then completely ruin your entire life.

"His eyes pierced through your soul.
His words burned your throat like liquor. His smile was almost fake. He loved not being in love. He loved taking your stomach and twisting it. Adding some butterflies too. He loved watching people learning to love. However, he had never learned to love. He just learned the role. Unfortunately, not all actors can act forever. It’s as if he counted the hearts he broke and it made him happy. And it shows that the people loved by many, can also be exactly like the ‘wanted’ criminal on the front of your newspaper."

(Source: societys-falling)

"Everytime the phone rings, I hope it’s you. See, I love the sound of your voice when you have no idea what you’re saying. When you wake up, unaware and tired as hell, trying to piece together what your mind already knows but won’t tell your mouth. This is when you sound like a hurricane, when I feel the sky tearing up and swallowing us whole. When I feel like you are forming continents in your mind just for me. See, I miss you. I don’t know how else to put it. I wish you’d call more."

(Source: aventines)